“Get Us Out of Here!”


Our local library provided an opportunity to both financially support the library and have a great time as a three generation family. Today for $30 for the family, my husband and I, our adult daughter and two grandkids spent 35 minutes in an “escape room.” We could have used 60 minutes, but we “solved” the puzzle in 35, making us 10th on the  leader board so far.

The set up was amazing, a full room of oddities and mysterious clues, locked doors, hidden messages and costumes. The premise was that we had to find three items to make an antidote for a poisoned visitor. None of us had the faintest idea of what we were doing. Fortunately a guide came with the experience and we were able to ask her for three hints. She encouraged us to open everything, to not worry about making a mess, and to keep our eyes open for anything that might be a clue.

First we ran around like crazy, especially the kids. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to look for clues and tear a room apart? Theoretically we should have calmly strategized as a group, but we didn’t. We were having too much fun. Amazingly enough, at key moments we did actually listen to one another. Each of us found an essential clue, and together we found and unlocked the three items–including a unicorn horn and dragon’s blood–to bring the poisoned man back to health.

This was a first experience like this for each of us. But now we will be on the lookout for more opportunities. A truly great time for all ages and a benefit for the library too.

10 thoughts on ““Get Us Out of Here!”

  1. That sounds like fun. I know it seems to be big in the UK where they have empty factories used for this sort of thing. I’m glad you did well and had fun and even helped a charity.


    1. Ours got the idea from the Ridgefield Connecticut library. It is really splendid. You can see some of the participants at the Facebook site of the East Hartford Public Library.


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