“What’s The Rush?”

Angry Driver C

Saturday I was waiting to turn left into the grocery store parking lot. I had arrived too late to trip the green arrow, so I had a plain green light as did traffic coming from the other direction. It seemed prudent to wait so I wouldn’t hit an oncoming car. Apparently, the car behind me had a different perception of the situation. He honked loudly at me. I guess his need to get to the store was more important than my need to avoid a collision!

Today on the way to get my computer fixed, I passed what I knew must be a fatal single car collision. Four lanes(out of five)of the freeway were closed and there was a tarp over the car. I have no idea what made the mother driving the car speed off the highway, hit a wooden barrier, flip her car and kill her 6 year old little boy. But I see single car fatalities too often here, and later it usually says “speed was a factor.” No one needs to be in that much of a rush. The consequences are tragic.

So I am that old lady driving more cautiously than you think I need to. I am actually waiting when it says “No turn on red” even when you think I shouldn’t be. I am waiting for pedestrians in crosswalks even when you think I should run them over.(I got honked at in just that situation two weeks ago.) I am slowing down when kids are playing in the street even if they shouldn’t be. On the other hand, I bet my auto insurance rates are lower than yours.

18 thoughts on ““What’s The Rush?”

  1. I was driving home from work few yrs ago and came to a full stop at a Stop sign, person behind me took exception to this safety maneuver and passed me at the Stop sign. Bizarre!!!. >


  2. And it is always better to be cautious and careful. Never mind those who can’t wait for their turn. We live in a corner of two streets and these are always busy. Sometimes collision can’t be avoided. People are always rushing.


  3. I am you behind the wheel. I have no idea why so many people are in a rush. Leave earlier if you need more time to get there. It really is that simple. And who has a special appointment with a grocery store?? I am the “idiot” who slows to a stop on an amber light and comes to a complete stop on a red before making my right turn. My poor little Seth isn’t cut out for flips and such. I need all four wheels on the road at all times! 😅


      1. Buahahahaha. That is excellent advice, especially if the third leg is his 😅

        Boys weren’t very good at tricking me. I grew up with boys who were older than me, so by the time I was a teen, I knew all the tricks of the trade 😂


      1. Yes, we just had one in our area recently, two cars racing on a dual carriageway! One car flew off the road onto the oncoming traffic, killing one father & critically injuring another! Hopefully the racers will be bought to justice!
        But sadly it doesn’t bring back the father to the family who lost him 😦


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