“Pie Perfection”


When my husband and I first dated, I told him about a marvelous peach blueberry pie that I had baked after I graduated from college. I had used a recipe from the food section of the local paper, but had long ago misplaced the clipping. He loves both peaches and blueberries and told me it sounded delicious.

Unbeknownst to me, he wrote the newspaper, gave them the approximate date of the recipe, and asked if someone could find it in the archives and send him a copy. This was in 1986, so there were no quick internet searches or ways to simply send him a link. Instead, the food editor actually searched, found the old recipe, and typed it out on a piece of paper which she sent to my husband.

Yesterday, during one of the few days each summer when you can find both peaches and blueberries at their peak(the fruit was local, but our own blueberries were gone so I purchased others), I baked that same peach blueberry pie. I had to quickly take a picture of it since, gleeful that he could have a hot piece of pie, my husband quickly ate one quarter of it.

I smile each time I take out that tattered typed copy of the recipe, remembering the effort it took both him and the editor to deliver it back into my hands. A lovely end to summer.

14 thoughts on ““Pie Perfection”

    1. I think you are hanging out with the wrong crowd! My eight year old grandson Friday noticed that I had a new haircut and complimented me on it. He will grow up to be a clone of my husband I think.


      1. Haha, is all compliments and nice gestures, particularly when he is in trouble. He always notices if I change anything to myself or our home. But what your husband did went waaaaay beyond what you can typically expect from men these days. The art of romance is dying out.


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