“Fine Fall Morning”


One of the features of New England I most anticipate is the first brisk fall morning. Unusually warm this early September, we had still needed to cool off more often than to warm up. But we awoke today to a perfect fall temperature of 50F degrees(10C). When the nights first cool off like that I sleep my first deep sleep of the season as I did last night.

Chrysanthemums, the standard New England fall flower, appear everywhere, in pots and in plantings. They clearly indicate fall. Soon all the apples will fill farm stands, including many varieties not commercially viable. You could call them heirloom, but that seems a little pretentious since they have never stopped being grown here. Then all the squash and pumpkins show up. Again many of these never get to market with their odd shapes and long cook times, but they are delicious.

Happy fall to my Northern Hemisphere Friends and happy spring to those down under.

16 thoughts on ““Fine Fall Morning”

  1. We had the same sort of morning here. 11C and lovely. You can feel fall coming in the air. I grew up in New England and I have to say there are few places more beautiful in the autumn than there.


      1. Ah yes – I remember living like that. I think I really took it for granted then. The leaves change here and it’s very pretty to see the ravines all change colour from 400 feet up but I miss the mountains and the sweet smell of falling maple leaves.


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