“Help Along the Way”


I spent part of this morning meeting with my spiritual director. I have been meeting with the same wonderful Sister of Notre Dame du Namur for the past 12 years, an hour every month or so. The title of director is very misleading, since there is no directing involved. Instead we chat about what has been going on in my life in all of its aspects. Occasionally she or I will identify a specific moment when God seemed most present. But there is no pressure to be “spiritual,” because all of my life matters both to me and to her.

Spiritual direction has found its way into Protestant circles in recent years, but it has been a Catholic tradition for centuries. It is a recognition, I think, that we all need to have a chance to consciously reflect on our lives with a caring person. Not therapy in the mental health sense, spiritual direction is more the opportunity to have a companion along the way.

I am extremely grateful to Sister Virginia, who just turned 80. May she continue to walk with me as long as we each are able.

16 thoughts on ““Help Along the Way”

  1. Lucky you to have a Sister to discuss spiritually. May both of you continue to be guided with the Holy Spirit and happy birthday to Sr. Virginia.


    1. I will see her this weekend at Mass and will tell her she has a birthday wish from Vancouver. It will tickle her. She loves hearing about friends I have made blogging.


  2. I think this is wonderful, Elizabeth. I miss having someone to confide in. Our minster of many years died in 2016 and I haven’t developed the same relationship with his successor.


  3. I began meeting with a spiritual director about a year ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s never pushy, but she does get me thinking about the “hard” questions I might otherwise be tempted to push aside.


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