“What Do the Genes Say?”


I have been researching my family history for the last twenty years. It is a hobby I inherited from my maternal grandfather who was fascinated with earlier generations. The interest skipped over to me, and I took up the hobby using his notes, a few recollections of my parents and much time in libraries. I made good use of the Mormons’ microfilms which had to be requested one at a time at the local Family History Center. (As a side note the Mormons do retroactive “sealing” of people into their faith. My grandfather would have been horrified to learn that he is now “sealed” with the Mormons.)

Eventually much information, a great deal of it wrong, became widely available on the internet. By then I had discovered that my paternal grandmother was Jewish. When I shared this knowledge with my father, he adamantly denied it. But it took a $69 DNA test from a company to confirm what my research had already determined. As seen above, I am 27% European Jewish, just as I had learned on my own. The other results verified the rest of my research which had my forebears nearly entirely from Great Britain and among the earliest settlers of New England.

No I didn’t learn that I was really adopted, nor do I have unknown half siblings out there. In fact the only close matches that the site recommended to me were cousins I had already identified, though never met. But it was a fun exercise, even if it simply confirmed that my years of more painstaking research were right.

12 thoughts on ““What Do the Genes Say?”

        1. They do but I don’t believe they can actually do any spiritual harm to ones outside the church. Their research is invaluable even if they did it for reasons different from mine.


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