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I got a big laugh when I read the lead editorial of the New York Times today. They must have been reading my blog post from October 13–Sears came first! The picture above (from a stereoptican viewer which allowed two photos to seem three dimensional)shows workers filling orders in much the same way that Amazon fills orders today.

The editorial also touched on an aspect of Sears’ failure that I am too uninformed to write much about. I only know that many companies were bought up by others and ended up with crippling debt. Sears also had enormous debt. Ironically, in the end, it was the real estate under the stores that held the most value. As they sold off stores they were really selling the land. Near us the Sears was torn down and replaced by REI, a giant sporting goods store with excellent customer service. The lot also now houses a Shake Shack. Apparently Americans’ love of fast food continues apace. But by the time that Sears closed it resembled something, as one reporter put it, reminiscent of a Soviet state store–bleak and understocked.

20 thoughts on ““A Blog Scoop”

  1. Haha, they must have heard you and read it….haha! Sometimes it is a pity when old establishments close and are replaced by more modern and bigger ones.


  2. That sounds so much like what happened with Target in Canada. They bought out Zellers’ property (a lower priced brand – think K-Mart or Zayre’s in 1985) then mismanaged things so poorly that they almost never had any stock for items they advertised. Within a few months they all went under. Such a shame as so many neighbourhoods lost their department stores.


      1. Yeah – Timmy’s is hit and miss there. I actually was able to stop at one in the middle of Ohio – and was glad to see it. It’s funny, though. Here it’s an institution and those who love it ADORE it. Americans don’t see the draw. I think, in part, it’s because Timmy’s has a bit of an association with national identity. It’s like Coke is to the US. (Despite the fact that the chain is now owned by the folks who own Burger King – no longer Canadian at all!)


        1. Exactly. I grew up in VT and lived in NH and MA for a while. Dunkin’ Donuts is as much an institution there as Timmy’s is here. There’s no changing that.


  3. This post brought up memories of me and my sisters pouring over Sears and J.C. Penney catalogs in preparation to write our letters to Santa 😂! Those were our “dream books”!


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