“My First Video Game”

Writing about the arcade at Mohegan Sun reminded me of the first encounter I had with a video game. Pong was placed in the lobby of our local movie theater, and for a quarter you could play against the machine. The picture on the right shows the screen with the little dot representing the ping pong ball. The aim was to outscore your robot opponent by hitting the “ball” over the net when it came at you.

While very primitive by today’s standards, this was a groundbreaking experience in 1972. I never could have imagined the games that would follow. I happily dropped quarters in the machine trying to outplay the devious opponent who kept happily shooting the “ball” past me.

Having had such a good time with these first game posts, I will be relating other fun and games in the days ahead. All G-rated, of course. They should be a welcome antidote to the gray gloomy days of January here in New England.

10 thoughts on ““My First Video Game”

      1. @arlene Maybe you want to give it a try now? Ever heard of The Sims? It’s a series of life simulation video games. The game has a simple goal: to create Sims, virtual people, put them on houses, help direct their moods and address their needs.

        @Elizabeth Great post! By the way, I’d like to share about the first video game. Some say it’s Atari’s pong but it’s actually 1947’s The Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device by Estle Ray Man and Thomas T. Goldsmith.


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