“We Interrupt This Series…”


Dis-spirited by all the wonderful pictures of spring bulbs, green trees, walks in the country and reports of warmth, I took this photo out our back window this morning. Yes, after escaping significant snow for almost the entire winter, we got this 10″ of March snow. Here it cruelly covers our barbecue grill, picnic bench and porch swing, chastising us for our recent hopes of using those items.

I would say that I got a lot of exercise from shoveling this mess, but it would be a lie. My husband had a delayed work schedule and spent the morning with our super snow blowing machine clearing our walks along with the single mother’s on one side and the widow’s on the other. I did augment his diet, however, making him a batch of his favorite almond oatmeal granola, timed to come out of the oven just as he finished.

Now you can all know why we say “March comes in like a lion.” It remains to be seen if it will “go out like a lamb.”

25 thoughts on ““We Interrupt This Series…”

  1. and another granny expression here was ‘don’t cast a clout until May is out’ though whether the May is the month or the blossom I never quite fathomed… looks lovely from a warm sitting room!


  2. Luckily we only got two inches yesterday, though it is plenty cold. After my past week of adventures, however — four days in the hospital, two of them in intensive care — I’m grateful I’m able to be out in it today!


  3. Like you, my wife and I are just getting back from a mini-vacation and I have lots of catching up to do on my blog. We are well-covered out here in the Inland Northwest as well, but the snow is probably lighter here than in your neck of the woods. Like your husband, I am responsible for moving it all out of the way by whatever means necessary. I don’t mind though,it’s one of the few forms of exercise I get in these long winters. Stay warm and “Think Sun”!


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