“No Sweat?”


I have been haunted by the promises of this ad ever since I first saw it many years ago. It was touted as the “Space Age Slenderizer,” designed for the same audience that was being enticed to buy “Tang–The Drink of Astronauts.” Who wouldn’t want to lose 5 pounds in 15 minutes without doing a thing? Just walk around in this vinyl suit and the pounds will “melt away.” I love the idea of pounds melting away since we all know that fat melts when exposed to heat. Why wouldn’t this work? Sadly, of course, it is just water leaving your body as sweat from being encased in vinyl. But it must have been promising for many because the ads ran for years. In fact, it appears you can still buy one, now called a “sauna suit.”

Intriguingly enough, the opposite temperature  promises the same results. Now apparently we can go to a spa and have ice applied to us to “sculpt” away the fat.coolsculptingI have no idea is this works. The internet is full of before and after photos of this procedure and I admit I can’t discern any difference. But then I am a skeptic about any no effort plans for weight loss.

What I know for certain is that it is much easier to put fat on than to take it off!

16 thoughts on ““No Sweat?”

  1. I recall my Mum once buying a rubbery vinyl device to wear around her waist. The heat generated was supposed to melt away her fat. All it did was to make her uncomfortably hot at work, so lasted less than a week. And she wasn’t even fat!
    I also notice how the models in those advertisements for fat-reducing devices have perfect bodies already, so would never need them. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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