“Round and Around”


My last venture into trendy fitness programs came in early 2002 when I visited our local “Curves” franchise located near us. Curves was women only and based on a simple concept. Exercise equipment was spaced in a circle with a standing platform between each pair of exercise machines. Music played and you worked your way around the circle. Each station had a specific exercise and each standing platform was to allow you to step in place between the exercises. It reminded me of musical chairs except that there were enough places for each woman to work out. The whole routine took 30 minutes. By the end of that time you had worked all your major muscle groups and kept your heart rate in an aerobic level.

It was a lot of fun for a while, but then it became pretty boring. I suspect that was the reason that after an astonishing proliferation of Curves outlets across the United States, most of them went out of business after a few years. I only lasted a year at mine before I returned to walking and exercising at home. It had the advantage of being affordable, easy to learn and friendly. It was an safe way for me to move back into exercise. And it didn’t bother my knees!

If you are young, you probably wonder why I keep mentioning my knees. If you are older than forty, you already know.




18 thoughts on ““Round and Around”

  1. I used to enjoy working out, which I did at home. I would go to the gym once in a great while with my brother. He would spend hours there. Then he would ask why I was larger and stronger than him. We were both the same frame size. I told him, it was because I didn’t stress my body, but built it. His body and many others, stayed in a constant state of repair and exhaustion. Where they spent hours at one time, I spent a max of 1 hour each day, and skipped a day once in a while.
    I used to laugh at all the gym people, who would go in and work out so hard, but would drive around the parking lot multiple times, looking for the closest parking space, to save having to walk too far. That was just too funny.

    The knees? I have been blessed to avoid that misery so far. I am 67, but never played sports.


  2. I never tried ‘Curves’ though I had a couple of friends who owned them. I tried LA Fitness for a while but I really don’t care for exercise equipment much and even the treadmill became hard on my hips (not knees.) I do have an elliptical in the basement that was to replace the gym. Uh-huh. Someday I may even use it! 😉


  3. I did the same on the circuit Elizabeth lol!
    We still have Curves here in Australia…

    My curves are kept curvy by just walking…when I can by the waterfront (as you know) 😀
    Oh yes, the knees totally understand!


  4. I should confess that I have never used an adult Gym, nor been to any exercise class. But I have been married to women who did everything from step aerobics, to Zumba, to Pilates. None of it worked, once they were offered a cream cake!
    (That isn’t sexist, as I like cream cakes too. 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I forgot all about Curves! Mom had the perfumes when I was a child and then after she moved to Atlanta, she used to wear those special workout shoes they used to make. She had those for years! 😆


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