“Missing the Action”


I have been trying to shake off a virus since Thursday, but have discovered once again that they have their own timetable and wishing won’t make them leave. At first I thought I had a little cold. Sadly it kept growing into one of those full body rotten bugs that leaves you too bored to do anything but read but too tired to read. And it turns out there is a limit to how much sleep I can get in a day. If you catch the grumpy self pitying tone underlying this paragraph, you are an adept reader!

So I am returning slowly to writing this morning. I will make an attempt to catch up with my followers and those I follow. And then in the coming month I will turn my attention to education, an arena where I spent my professional life.

27 thoughts on ““Missing the Action”

  1. Oh man – that sounds like what I had just before leaving India and what Sage had just after she got back. Hope you feel 100% soon!


  2. I have two suggestions for those with colds or flu.

    1) It is too late in your case but at the very first hint of a symptom start taking zinc. I take half a 50 mg tablet. Keep taking for several days. I read that zinc can build up on our bodies so I limit my intake.

    2) At your stage of ailment take hot lemonade. If you have a sore throat add a little honey. To the hot lemonade add a tablespoon of brandy.

    A Scottish friend once suggested taking a bottle of single malt scotch and drink until you see two bottles. Personally, I do not recommend this alternative.

    Be safe and get well soon.


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