“Learning to Accept Criticism”


This picture aptly illustrates my reaction to criticism. I have not learned to accept it, either gracefully or ungracefully. This post, by necessity, is very short.

16 thoughts on ““Learning to Accept Criticism”

  1. Yes, it is difficult. My daughter told me yesterday that our granddaughter sometimes throws everything on the floor. When my daughter scolds her she looks down like in your photo 😊


  2. 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆

    For me, it depends on who is giving it and their rationale behind it. I generally defend my ground if it is a subjective matter at hand. I mostly work with subjective matters, so I don’t think I’ve ever gotten criticism on something that was a black and white wrong or right. Well, unless you count math, which I can tell you now I am horrendous at. Funny enough, I am great with money.


      1. Oh yes. I learned that during the beta review process. My readers did not agree with each other. What one set strongly hated, the other set strongly loved. I’ve learned to just stand my ground, but pay attention to intersections. If many people are saying the same thing, it’s probably worth looking at.

        And, of course, there are the style guides!


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