“A New Venture”

Cupcake with Two Candles

I have been taking a couple of days to start a new blog. After a very helpful consultation with Pete Johnson(beetleypete) I decided to keep my present blog with its mostly secular focus and start another one with a more spiritual focus. I spent my professional life in a secular college and had no trouble connecting with all kinds of students, religious, nonreligious and antireligious. My blog followers include all faiths, lack thereof and points of view on matters spiritual. So, just as I explored spiritual matters away from work, so I will explore more specifically spiritual ones on my second blog.

I forgot how much work setting up a blog entails. I am presented with all sorts of themes again and the necessity of finally using Gutenberg. The themes are more confusing than Gutenberg. I will let you know when it launches and how to access it. Beyond that, you are free to just keep up with this one. I am trying to ensure that posts from the second one only go to those requesting it by checking “follow this blog” on that site. There may be a few glitches, so I count on my readers to let me know of them.

Tomorrow I go to Philadelphia, courtesy of my daughter, who has bought our train tickets and our hotel. She is celebrating my 72 birthday by taking me to the one large U.S. city I have never seen. When she heard, much to her shock, that I had never been to Philly, she quickly set about to remedy that. I will try to post a picture of the cracked Liberty Bell. It seems particularly appropriate at the moment!


24 thoughts on ““A New Venture”

  1. Your comment about the “cracked Liberty Bell” seeming particularly appropriate to you right now made me laugh out loud. As a busy 66-year-old, I totally get where you’re coming from and hope that in another 6 years when I’m turning 72, I’ll still be as busy. And a little “cracked” too! 😉


  2. Two blogs is a lot more effort, Elizabeth. I have two but I am glad I do and enjoy them both and the different sets of followers. Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading about it when you are back.


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