“Strawberry Fields Forever”


Connecticut doesn’t stand out as a strawberry producer. The available berries are hand picked from local farms and sold for only a couple of weeks each summer. The first time we saw a sign for them saying “Native Strawberries,” we had no idea why an indigenous variety would be for sale. But it turned out that “native” just meant locally grown as opposed to imported from Florida or California. This week we went down the road to the produce stand and bought several boxes.

California and Florida strawberries flood our markets in May and June. They are big, bright red and usually pretty tasteless. They count on sugar and whipped cream to have much flavor. Local berries, however, don’t have to withstand long rides in refrigerated trucks, so they are more fragile and much more flavorful. The cost, usually twice that of imported berries, reflects the care taken to pick them by hand and bring them in each day. They are worth it.

Oregon, where I lived for most of my life, produces great strawberries. I would drive to a local farm, buy a couple of flats of them, and make strawberry jam. Here the price precludes that possibility. I remember Oregon berries tasting even sweeter than the native ones here, though that may just be nostalgia. At any rate, our local ones are good, available, and here for a very brief time.

In just a few weeks we will taste the first corn. “Native” of course.



21 thoughts on ““Strawberry Fields Forever”

  1. I was only talking about this last week. I stopped eating strawberries years ago, when imported ones became available every day of the year. They look good, but taste of nothing. However, there is a local farm (2 miles away) that has a short season of ‘Pick Your Own’ strawberries, and they are fragrant and delicious, just like they used to be.
    When consumers insist on non-seasonal produce, taste is usually the first thing to be sacrificed.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I didn’t know they called them native either. I thought the term was “local.” Anyway, home-grown or local stuff always has more flavor, for sure! We are blessed here in our village to get local, grass-fed meats, and plenty of local produce and cheese as well! Italy is into real or geniune food, which we call “genuino”!


  3. Strawberries are available in the market but they are too expensive. They come from other places. Now the mango season is slowly coming to an end. Here we have plenty of jackfruits and in many places they go waste because there is no one to pluck or cut them.We use jackfruits in all the different stages.


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