“That’s It?”


Driving home the other night with our granddaughter we were entertained by her plans for her wedding proposal. She’s only 12, so this was more the result of seeing a Hallmark Movie with her other grandmother than of having a boy in mind. She was very definite stating “I don’t even want to hear the word wedding until I have been proposed to. And I don’t want to pick out my own ring!”

This was a natural time to share with her our engagement story. Charlie and I had been dating for a couple of years and were walking along the Willamette River. He said, quite calmly, “I would like to be married to you.” I replied, “I would like that too.” Then walking along for a while longer, having had a chance to ponder the off hand remark, I said, “Wait! That’s it? That was a marriage proposal?” He said, “Yes.” “No! No! No!,” I yelled. “You have to ask me formally. On one knee. And I want an engagement ring.” He was naturally shocked since I had shown no indication of being a romantic. I was rather startled myself.

So we walked back to my house, he knelt down, asked me to marry him and I said yes. Then we went together to a art gallery where we designed a simple gold and tiny sapphire engagement ring. I wore it another year later when he added a simple gold band as we were wed.


My granddaughter was not impressed!

22 thoughts on ““That’s It?”

  1. I wrote about my third marriage in a blog post. This is an extract, how I proposed to Julie.

    ‘The next New Year, we were at a loose end on 1st January. I suggested going shopping, to the local town centre complex. Julie was not bothered, ‘What do you want to buy?’ she asked. ‘How about an engagement ring?’ I ventured. She began to cry. I had never asked her to marry me, though we had discussed a long-term future, and the prospect of marriage at some stage. She was very happy, and we went off to buy the ring, accompanied by her daughters’.

    The ring had three matching diamonds, of very good quality. It cost the equivalent of $2,500 in 2003, and is still cherished to this day. Probably the best gift I ever bought anyone. We didn’t get married until 2009, so ten years ago this September.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Haha, I love how the way your were proposed to. Maybe every girl have that feeling of receiving quite a formal proposal when it comes to getting married.

    And your granddaughter’s view is priceless! At her age, she knows what she wants.


  3. Wonderful all around story, Elizabeth. I love your response, “Wait! That’s it? That was a marriage proposal?” I also got a chuckle about your granddaughter bringing this subject up.

    I’m quite familiar with the Willamette River. My son attended Willamette University in Salem, OR.


  4. My Mom tells the story of her proposal. She turned to my Dad at a football game one day and said, “So are we going to get married or what?” I think your story is very sweet!


  5. My husband Steve surprised me by proposing on Valentine’s Day…why was I surprised? Because he’s not that clichè romantic normally.
    We picked the ring together, which I was happy about 😀
    Bless you,

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