“The Case of the Disappearing Blogger”


I never saw this particular Abbot and Costello scene, but the two of them were favorites of mine as a child. At any rate, I found this image the perfect accompaniment to my occasional post about people who blog and then stop without warning. I tend to leave their names on my “followed” list for a year and then sadly delete them. I wonder what happened to them.

I realize that people start a blog for many different reasons. I don’t follow those that are for commercial purposes, either run by a company or those that ask for monetary contributions. I also avoid ones that are basically diaries posted on line that resemble the kind of writing I did as a teenager–much angst and turmoil. Angst and turmoil are fine topics for blogs, just not for ones I follow. I am thinking instead of thoughtful musings, whether on one topic or on many topics that are posted on a fairly regular basis. I often find those from the comments left on other peoples’ posts and take a look at the commentator.

While I didn’t start a blog for any set reason, I soon discovered that I write with the intention of interacting with other writers and artists. I have connected with wonderful English speaking people all over the world, much to my surprise and delight. I comment on their writings and they on mine. The give and take is life enriching and I always feel buoyed after I catch up each day with new posts. So it is especially sad when people stop without any notice and disappear back into the ether. They probably never thought of their writing being missed, but it is.

I promise to not be one more disappearing blogger. If I quit, I will do it with a parting word.


23 thoughts on ““The Case of the Disappearing Blogger”

  1. I never got the appeal of Abbott and Costello but maybe I’m reflecting my father’s antithesis. The Marx Bros and the Crazy Gang generally yes. Humour is of course so personal. And as for the disappearing bloggers, yes that always strikes me as strange and I just hope there isn’t some awful reason for it. Mostly i expect it is ennui or similar…


  2. I have written many posts about the ‘lost bloggers’. Some I am aware of who just had enough, and others who sadly died. But the ‘missing’ continue to concern me. They just vanished, without a word.
    If I suddenly disappear, you can be sure that it is because I am either unconscious, or dead. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete/


  3. I didn’t start blogging for the purpose of connecting with other bloggers as I didn’t really know there was such a thing. But like you I enjoy the blogs I follow and appreciate the regulars who stop by with a ‘like’ or comment. I would notice if they suddenly disappeared and yes, I would miss them. Sometimes life interferes I guess but I will do my best to sign off properly if and when I have run out of things to say. 😉


  4. Blogging can become a bit overwhelming at times (like when something unplanned comes up in your ‘real life’ which needs to be tended to), especially trying to keep up with a growing number of followers and blogs you follow while putting together your own posts on a regular basis. And if you have family obligations and you’re the owner of a home and property which must be maintained, spare time is already at a premium! The only way I’ve been able to deal with it is to cut back on my frequency of posting from 2 or 3 times a week to once every 7 to 10 days. My next step: to ‘unfollow’ blogs which no longer follow me (based on a lack of Likes and/or comments to my posts for an extended period).

    Unfortunately, something has to give when there are only so many waking hours in a day and too many things to fit into those waking hours.


    1. Egads. I am not talking about people who don’t write every day. I just meant those who disappear for a year without any clue after they had written with some regularity.


  5. It seems like it is only graceful to bow out with a few parting words. In my profession (teacher), the worst part was when I didn’t get to say good-bye to one of my students. One day some child would not show up, and a week later I’d find out he/she moved. I could never understand how parents didn’t get this concept. Your child and the rest of the class (not to mention the teacher) need closure.


  6. I have also seen this happen of my two and half years as a blogger. People just disappear for various reasons and it is rather sad. I must say that I do understand people that go off line for a few weeks or slow down for a bit when life gets away from them. I didn’t manage to post much over the past weekend as I was trying to proof read my new book which is time consuming. I just want to get it done. The core group always come back thought, refreshed and revitalised.


    1. I was afraid that people who take time off would feel I was talking about them. We all take breaks and some just post now and then. I am troubled when regular writers simply disappear.


  7. Yes, I feel the same Elizabeth, I have often wondered what has happened to Bernadette where we met through her Senior Salon.
    I have emailed her to see if she’s okay because she said she was only going on a short holiday but have not received a reply. :-/
    Bless you,


  8. Alas Elizabeth, I have fallen into this camp but once again your words have kick started me back to action. A coupe of times of the past few weeks I’ve though I should blog about that … but didn’t. I always appreciated your feedback and support so thanks for reminding me why I need to gt back on that wagon. Michelle


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