“Blazing Color”


After writing about fire engines yesterday, I looked out at the yard and was in awe of the display of fire engine red cardinal flowers. My husband loves this variety and loves that it spreads covering all sorts of areas he would otherwise have to weed. Here they are flourishing under our dogwood tree. To the left of the photo is a gigantic honeysuckle vine which nearly obliterates the picket fence supporting it. In the far left corner you can spy part of the blueberry fortress that protects 18 blueberry plants.

It’s high summer here at last. The first tomatoes are ready. We just returned from the farmer’s stand down the road with a sack of ripe peaches. My husband picked another quart of blueberries–nearly the last of them. Mid-August supplies the two ingredients needed for his favorite Peach Blueberry Pie. I will make that tomorrow.

I have always enjoyed August. July seemed endless this year with record temperatures and high humidity. No matter how hot August gets, September is around the corner. And the weather seems to always cool off just after Labor Day. So here’s to perfect weather, perfect peaches, perfect blueberries and a raucous display of cardinal flowers. Life at its simplest and best here in Connecticut.

19 thoughts on ““Blazing Color”

  1. I looked up the flowers. They are a type of Lobelia, native to North America. I don’t recall seeing any in native gardens here. (But I don’t get to that many gardens)
    Enjoy your fruit pie, it sounds tasty! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I wish I could join you for a bit of that Peach Blueberry Pie – please raise a delicious forkful up and say “This bite is for Leslie” before you proceed to eat it!


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