“A Woodchuck With Stripes?”


Well the Hav-a-Heart trap, baited with broccoli, failed to catch the wily woodchuck. Instead, a skunk wandered in for the food and is now pacing back and forth. My husband, who once before released a skunk from the same trap, is trying to remember exactly how he did it without getting sprayed. Somewhere close by I assume a woodchuck is having a good laugh. (I would call it a chuckle if that wasn’t so corny.)

It’s beginning to look like we live in a dangerous place: spiders, tornadoes and now skunks. So much for my attempt to paint our backyard as a quiet retreat!

35 thoughts on ““A Woodchuck With Stripes?”

  1. Ha ha – Pete’s suggestion is brilliant! I hope you will let us know how your husband fares with the skunk disposal. Meanwhile, I’m happy to remain here in ‘my’ Cornwall. Far too dangerous around yours! 😉

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