“At Long Last—a Moose!

4AF11AA9-23A4-4333-BDA5-46ABFF8A7514If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I have been looking for a moose every time we go north to Maine or Canada. You also know I have failed to see one even though I have passed at least 500 MOOSE WARNING signs. Finally we went to the one place we were guaranteed to see a moose, the Maine Wildlife Center outside Portland, Maine. Here injured wildlife of all sorts are brought to this lovely wooded refuge either to recover or to stay, depending on their conditions.

Zoos  often leave me feeling a little melancholy when I think about the animals being uprooted and caged. The center, however, felt tranquil and inviting. Each animal had its own spacious enclosure equipped with appropriate landscape. The foxes could roam through deep grass and hop on rocks to look for mice. The cougars had a cave in the rocks where they retreated. The two moose had a very large enclosure though each one stayed close to the fence, not entirely resigned to their predicament.

Now that I have seen the massive bulk of a moose, I am less inclined to hope to see one on our travels. I would be glad to spot one while hiking, but it would be disastrous for both car and moose to meet on the highway.

Our Maine travel continues for several more days. I hope to post again before we return home.

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