“King Arthur To The Rescue”

Not only did I stop using Jiffy Corn Muffin mix, I also began to avoid all mixes after noticing how many alien ingredients they used. I continued to bake my own bread, cookies, cakes and bars. Once living in New England, I began to use flour from King Arthur company in Norwich, Vermont. I particularly like their white whole wheat flour which I use in my bread. I had to order it from the mill in Vermont since it wasn’t carried in my local grocery store. Soon I began to receive regular catalogs from King Arthur displaying a wide range of available products.

I bought a number of helpful tools from the catalog including a tablespoon scoop, just right for measuring out cookie dough. I also acquired cookie sheets, sheet pans, an instant read thermometer and cake pans over the years. But I never tried their mixes, despite the abundance of ones they produce. I still had the horror of Jiffy hanging over me, turning me away from mixes.

A couple of years ago we stopped at the King Arthur store in Vermont. Not only do they display all of their products, they also serve wonderful baked goods, salads and soups, just right for a lunch stop. While there, I took a look at various mixes. To my surprise they contained the same ingredients I put in my home baked goods. I would need to add eggs, butter, oil or milk, but everything else was included. I bought a few mixes to try out.

Now I have a couple of boxes of mixes on hand for the last minute demands I encounter. Last weekend we celebrated the 190th anniversary of our church and I needed to bring cookies. I opened the coconut macaroon mix, added water, put scoops of dough on a sheet, baked them and took them to church. Pictured above, you can see the results. No strange additives, just coconut, flour and sugar. No need to run to the store on a crowded day. As I said, King Arthur came to my rescue.


16 thoughts on ““King Arthur To The Rescue”

  1. Well done to King Arthur. We have similar ‘easy mixes’ here that my wife uses sometimes. But I have no idea what the ingredients are.
    New England has so many towns named after those here. Norwich is the largest city in Norfolk, 20 miles from Beetley. But as the early settlers came from England, I suppose that is to be expected. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. It’s funny that my mom just recently discovered King Arthur. She had been a loyal Robin Hood user, and when their flour was discontinued in this area she needed something for her bread dough. None of the other brands have a high enough protein content, and she was thrilled to finally find this one. (It is new on the shelves around here.) Hooray for King Arthur!


  3. I am not into those baking mixes here. Trying to avoid sugar in cakes, cookies and bars. come to think of it, I haven’t baked anything for almost a year now. I buy bread at my favorite BreadTalk.


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