“Saved By Others’ Words”

I originally titled my blog “Saved By Words” for a variety of reasons, but among them was an understanding that reading often kept me sane. I have gratitude today for two publications to which I subscribe. One is The Sun, a monthly magazine. The other is Plough Quarterly. Both have strong on-line presences, and it appears that you can read quite a bit of each on line without a subscription. The Sun is free of advertising. Plough Quarterly has announcements of books and conferences, but no commercial advertisements.

A friend at the gym recommended The Sun to me because it features an intriguing variety of thoughtful essays, poems, fiction and contributions from readers around the world. Each issue announces the topic for the next several issues, soliciting short pieces from readers. For instance, this month’s readers reflected on “The Mall.” I enjoy all of the writing in the magazine. One particularly strong piece this month recounted the experience of a woman whose baby died before birth. Restrained and powerfully moving, it is a piece which will stay with me for a long time.

I am not sure how Plough Quarterly got my name and solicited a subscription. (I often wonder who exchanges mailing lists with whom.) At any rate it was a good move on their part. This magazine comes from a Bruderhof  community in upstate New York. The members of this Christian pacifist intentional community attempt to live out the Gospel in all aspects of their lives. The magazine presents challenging articles focused around a common topic. This quarter’s focus is on vocation. The quality of the issue, both in its art, its design, its writing and its ecumenical reach puts most other magazines to shame.

I am thankful that amidst all the garbage both on the air, on television, and in print, I have found company in the words of others. Both magazines are  saving presences in my life right now.



16 thoughts on ““Saved By Others’ Words”

  1. While reading your post my thoughts went to my Doddamma. She reads a Kannada magazine called Taranga. She likes everything in it and enjoys it from the first to the last. Some magazines here are so expensive. I read them in the library. Reader’s digest was good but now it is not so. I too love reading and cannot imagine not reading. You had earlier asked about Marcia Willet. I enjoy her books ,all about people and what happens to them. We can relate to them.


    1. For some reason magazines here have really dropped in price. I enjoyed learning about the parallel enjoyment of a magazine in your family. I will look for Marcia Willet next time I am at the library. Thanks.

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    1. My dearest friend lost a baby half way through and had to go to term. This story let me know more of what it had been like. Yes, the magazines are a good use of my time.


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