“October Swan Song”


My husband planted some fall crocus bulbs, and they bloomed this week. I love the contrast they make with the fallen leaves, the pine straw and the fading stalks of the day lilies. In the foreground of the photo you can see two little holes in the pine straw. These were made by squirrels who went around after he planted bulbs, dug them up and ate them. These bulbs were reputed to be squirrel resistant, but no one remembered to alert the squirrels.

The leaves are mostly down now and the town is ready for its annual leaf collection. Any leaves piled on the curb are sucked up by the town’s large vacuum hoses and taken to the dump where they are made into compost. My husband embarks on his annual leaf collection also. We have very few leaves of our own, so he takes ones from the neighbors to chop up and use as mulch. His steadfast habit of leaf chopping accounts for the rich soil which  produces my splendid annuals. The pine straw he brings home from the neighborhood leaches into the soil around the azaleas bushes, enabling them to thrive.

I have stocked up on candy ready for the parade of kids likely to come to our door for trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I enjoy the costumes on the little ones and their delight of taking a piece of candy. They unfailingly say thank you, often on their own or after a gentle parental reminder.

Saturday night we return to standard time. It will be dark at 4:30 and my husband will reluctantly head into the house to read and plan for next year’s garden. The year turns cold and dark for a while. But it is spring somewhere. Probably where some of you live. Enjoy the increasing daylight!

21 thoughts on ““October Swan Song”

  1. We are ready for Halloween, too. Neighbor Logan will come. At least we have one steady customer, unlike in NY where no one came down our dead end street. Maybe “dead end” wasn’t the best choice of words for Halloween. Anyway, I asked Logan which candies were the best, and he knows that’s what he will get here. He chose KitKat and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


      1. I asked Logan what candy was best, and he must have known I intended to have it for him. I hope he will have time to come to our house tomorrow. He may have trunk or treat at his church. I must remember to have my phone in my pocket, because he won’t have much time to spend here.


  2. Our clocks went back on Sunday, and the evenings are now early, with darkness by 4:30. It makes them feel long, and as I don’t have to work, the lighter morning is no compensation for me.

    I don’t think anything is squirrel proof. They are almost indestructible animals. One of my dog walking friends told me that she shot one (with a pellet gun, because it was ruining their garden) six times, and it was still alive. She eventually finished it off by hitting it over the head with a shovel, and it was still twitching for a few minutes afterwards.

    I don’t participate in Halloween. No pumpkin, no exterior lights on. They know not to knock.
    I am a Halloween ‘Grinch’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Sorry the local critters have been eating your plants and bulbs this year.

    We also ‘fall back’ this weekend, but perhaps for the last time. Our governor signed legislation to be on daylight savings time all year round, but we’re waiting for Congressional approval. (Same with Oregon and California.) I like the idea of not changing the clocks twice a year but to me it makes more sense to stay on standard time. Oh well. We’ll see.


      1. It’s pretty confusing. If the law here was approved by Congress, we wouldn’t ‘fall back’ to standard time this weekend, we’d stay on daylight savings time. Since you’d fall back we’d only be two hours apart. When you spring ahead in the fall we do nothing since we’re already on daylight savings time. We’d be back to 3 hours apart. At least that’s my understanding. It makes my head hurt thinking about it! 😉


  4. It is nearing All Saints and All Souls days. Most churches here are encouraging everyone to celebrate it not with those scary figures but kids attired with dresses imitating saints. They still can go treat or tricking but without wearing scary outfits. Must be nice there when it is fall season. I love the play of colors on those leaves.


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