“I Better Hurry Up!”

This past week I saw several of these books at the library. I am not sure who the market is supposed to be for them. I try to imagine reading one of the 1000 books on an airplane going to one of the 1000 places while avoiding the airline screening of one of the 1000 movies. I contemplated tallying up how many hours would be required to finish all these lists. Clearly unlike Methuselah I don’t have that many left.

Then I saw that the 1000 places to see before you die was in a revised edition. I pondered the poor person who was methodically working her way through the list only to discover that she had visited some places in vain.

I am looking for the series for women in their 70’s. Maybe five places within driving distance to see before you die–God willing.

22 thoughts on ““I Better Hurry Up!”

  1. Or maybe 10 places to consider, then dismiss as too full of people, or noise, or other people’s children, or selfie takers. The list goes on. Maybe I should write a book?
    How about “Good advice I was given – that wasn’t!”


  2. Got out my calculator. If the average time for reading a book is 5 hours that means it would take 5000 hours, which equals 125 40-hour weeks, ie. 2.4 years hard at it five days a week to read 1000 books. Add a few months for the times you lose your spectacles or dropped a book in the bath. Let’s pretend the average movie is 2 hours long and that’s 4000 hours to watch 1000 movies, ie 100 40-hour weeks or 2 years (if you took two weeks holiday on a desert island per year.) Elizabeth, we have read thousands of books and have seen enough movies of our own choice. As for the 1000 places, your suggestion is superb. The heady days of extreme travel are almost over. And within walking distance of our homes are some places of great interest 🙂


  3. We arrived only a short long long long long flight I love the phrase “sit back and enjoy the 11 hr flight ” crammed in between 2 large people one sinus condition , who had no clue We are here in Bethlehem the good part starts in a few min. B


  4. I like certain specific types of activities and places, Elizabeth. The more flowers, rivers, castles and historical sites the better for me. I am not at all attracted by shopping malls and commercialism and will never visit Dubai.


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