Over 30,000 citizens of Connecticut have died in wars over the last two hundred and forty years. Last month our Congressional representative installed  a memorial near our home to all those who perished. Called the Gold Star Memorial, its name reflects the Gold Stars that were given first to mothers and later to all family members of the casualties of war, beginning in the first World War.

The image is striking, easily viewed from the highway near by, but surrounded by a small park with benches. One can sit on a bench and be accompanied by two other bronze figures.

In the first image a bronze soldier stands in contemplation before a giant star that has fallen earth. While seemingly too literal an image, in reality it moved me greatly. So today while Americans are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, I am thinking of those who died for this country. It gives me pause.


18 thoughts on ““Gratitude”

  1. Very moving, Elizabeth, and the memorial is very affecting.
    I can easily see why your thoughts are on other things beside Turkey today.
    That said, I hope your family celebration was enjoyable.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Thanks Pete. I had driven by this several times and this morning asked my husband to go with me. We actually will sit down tomorrow so that my grandkids and others can go to two celebrations and not try to jam them into one day.

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  2. Very poignant Elizabeth!
    We recently had Remembrance Day here which is on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11am the whole of Australia stops & pauses for a minute’s silence to remember all Allied Forces who fell in battle. Shops, radio & tv all announce the countdown & then everyone pauses until the words are heard “Lest we forget, we shall remember them!” We do this every year.
    Bless you,

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  3. I am glad your community created this acknowledgement and that you are close enough to be able to visit it. The town where my folks are from have had many, many citizens served in the armed forces. They have plaques and memorials throughout the town. It can be overwhelming to see so many names you know on those sites.


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