“First Snowflakes”

Many of you get to see it snowing on a regular basis, but some of you live where it never or rarely comes down. You can enjoy 10 seconds of snow on video. Today, on the first of December, we are having our first dusting. Despite the hysteria about Thanksgiving travel, people should be able to return to New England homes with little difficulty.

The snowblower has gas. The refrigerator holds milk. I can always bake bread. A lovely evening at home waiting to see how much or how little snow actually falls tonight.


26 thoughts on ““First Snowflakes”

  1. We went nearly ten years without any snow, but in the last decade we’ve had a few snow days every year. Climate changes come in all forms.


  2. You are always prepared for eventualities Elizabeth. Here we have a strong typhoon coming and Metro Manila is under signal #1. It may bring lots of rain this evening and tomorrow.


  3. The first snowfall is indeed a wonderful announcement to the winter season. Opening a book beside a fire, planning a romantic dinner isolated in the cold.

    A contrast to the end of the season when I am cursing the SOB with the plow who leaves a heavy icy mass at the end of the driveway.

    There is however, skiing and no lawn to mow.


    1. I am not much of an expert with video yet. I will try again when we have another storm. We had a lovely Thanksgiving and I just finished freezing all the turkey soup I made from the bones.


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