“It’s Just What I Wanted!”


At Thanksgiving a friend of my daughter’s (he has a head, but I don’t post photos without permission of living people) and I had a discussion about red licorice. I said I loved Red Vines. He said that Twizzlers were unequaled.

We bought a five pound box of Twizzlers as a small gift for him for Christmas. On Christmas Eve he arrived at our house with a present for me. My daughter whipped out her camera since, unlike us, she knew what was about to happen. Sure enough, he had brought me a super size barrel of Red Vines. She quickly snapped the photo above(including his head!) and sent it to me.

The dentist probably is groaning, but two people got exactly what they wanted for Christmas.

24 thoughts on ““It’s Just What I Wanted!”

  1. So sweet! One of my buddies at school once asked me (in March) what to buy for his sister for her birthday. I suggested Soft toys since they are “every girl’s favourite”. Three months later, on my birthday, he brought a super-cute Monkey (soft toy), something he had bought the same day for me and kept safe for that long. In the following years, he became my best friend for her cared to listen and remember.

    I hope the you had a Great Christmas and wish you a wonderful New year.


  2. You did well indeed! I love red vines which we always called ‘red licorice’ growing up, though of course it is not. I used to love buying both and eating them together, the sweet red vines with the black licorice flavored ones. A penny a piece in those days!


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