“All The New Years”

The most hoopla seems to center around January first as the beginning of THE new year. However, there are many other times observed as the start of a new year. In fact, in the United States(then the British colonies), the new year was seen to begin on March 25 until the Julian calendar was switched to the Gregorian one. This throws genealogists off track, resulting in what is called “double dating”(no resemblance to what you may call to mind from your youth!) A person may show two different birth days.

The other new years that have frequented my life include the academic year, the fiscal year, the Jewish New Year and the Chinese New Year(upcoming is the Year of the Rat–make of it what you wish.) I still seem to orient my felt sense of chronology around the academic year with September finding me full of new ideas and plans. January just meant the start of a second semester, rather than any kind of fresh start.

Sadly the fiscal year is as confusing as the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendar. The state, the federal government and my health insurance seem to use different fiscal years. Most confusing is my health insurance. While most people seem to have to use up their deductibles by December 31, I need to use mine by July 1.

I know that around the world there are many other new year definitions and celebrations. Please share any that you participate in.

At any rate, to celebrate the turn from 2019 to 2020—HAPPY NEW YEAR.

16 thoughts on ““All The New Years”

  1. We mark January 1st as the New Year but, like you, September feels more like a new start. The weather changes, our rhythm of life shifts from vacation mode back to real life, traffic intensifies as college and university kids go back to school, etc.


  2. Your post got me thinking. The ‘New Year’ does seem to arrive strangely in what I consider the middle of the year and out of place in winter. September is my personal ‘new year,’ since it’s my birth month and also the start of a fresh new season and school year.


  3. Despite celebrating New Year on the 31st/1st, (up until 3 am and had too much wine!) I actually use my own birthday as an indicator of when my year really begins.On March the 16th, I will be 68, so will start ‘my year’ from then. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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