“Starring ME!!”

1940 Family_00039A

During the time I have written this blog, I have had comments about my collection of photographs of me. I thought I would take a bit of time to explain my cache. My grandparents lived on the opposite coast from us, and my parents  kept in touch by sending many pictures of our family. My parents, likewise, took many pictures of us at home, on vacation and especially at Christmas. Each year, in fact, our Christmas card featured the four kids in matching pajamas.

My father represented the Sawyer company, so we had a slide projector along with those ViewMaster gizmos with their circles of photos. Once they had the slide projector and color film, my parents created many slides instead of photos. We had a screen and frequently had “slide shows” within our family. And no, we didn’t subject guests to any of these shows.

When my mother died in 2015, my brother took all the photo albums, slides and scrapbooks that she owned to a processing service which turned every image into a digital format. He then sent each of us DVD’s containing all the collection. I uploaded them to my computer so I have ready access to them. (I also made hard copies of each and sorted and labeled them for future viewers, not entirely trusting digital storage.)

I have hundreds of images that include me with one or more of my siblings, alone, with our parents, or with other relatives. I also have countless pictures of my own children and grandchildren. Why, then, so many pictures of just me or my late sister? I respect the privacy of all living relatives and consciously choose to not post their images. Right now that means you will only see me, my late sister and my deceased relatives on my blog. And mostly, as it turns out, you will see ME!

20 thoughts on ““Starring ME!!”

  1. I have lots of photographs I’d like to post and write about but agree we shouldn’t do it for living people. I even won’t write about them as they have not given permission to be written about. Hence my frequent use of pseudonyms and changed details.


    1. I wonder what kids will think when they are grown about all the photos shared widely by their parents. I wish more people would think before they shared private images.


  2. It is great that you have so many photographs. I have a limited amount. My mom took her photographs and split them between her four children so I only have the photographs of me and very few with my sisters in them. Your baby photo is so cute.


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