“Candidates and Mayonnaise”


When I was younger there were two sandwich spreads, mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. We were a mayonnaise family, while my best friend swore by Miracle Whip. The other day at the grocery store, the manager told me they were expanding to include even more products that people were asking for. I saw an enormous array of mayonnaise, including the eight varieties from Hellman’s alone. Kraft, Heinz, store brands and “organic” and “healthy” brands completed the offerings. Apparently that wasn’t enough, hence the expansion.

How does one choose among all those jars? Well apparently you find fault with one and look for another. Is it vegan and olive oil or vegan and avocado oil or “real?” You keep eliminating choices until you find the one perfect mayonnaise which meets every single one of your criteria. Either that or you decide to forgo mayonnaise altogether.

It is like that for me right now watching the Democratic hopefuls running for President. While the field is beginning to winnow down, there are still a number of possible candidates remaining. How does one choose? Well apparently you find find fault with one and look for another (yes that sentence is a direct repeat from the mayonnaise aisle.) And at the moment the candidates themselves are attacking each other. And the internet is full of complaints to prove that each one has faults. It is enough to make many Democrats decide to forgo the process altogether.

By the way, I still buy regular mayonnaise. Too many choices gave me a headache. I will support a flawed human being in the fall election. And the time spent arguing about all the possibilities takes precious time away from preparing for a united front in the November election.

21 thoughts on ““Candidates and Mayonnaise”

  1. I have always liked the ‘original’ Best Foods Mayonnaise and continue to buy it; and I continue to make my potato salad using the recipe found on the jar. My husband likes Miracle Whip so I buy that for him. (I never could get used to its sweetness on a sandwich)

    As far as the Democratic candidates go, I wish there was one outstanding obvious choice. Still, I just cast my primary ballot this week, and hope for the best. I would take any of them over the current resident in the oval office.


      1. When I moved to NY, John’s family bought potato salad at a deli, and I thought it was wonderful. Surely I could make that myself! I tried all the recipes I could find, but nothing tasted like NY deli potato salad. John’s godfather said he had a recipe and would give it to me. What? Uncle Walter with a recipe? He was a long-time bachelor who never cooked in his life. I still have the card he wrote the recipe on. The salad was exactly what I was looking for, and I’ve made it for about 50 years. It went to all the family cookouts and to a few church meals.


  2. I don’t actually like mayonnaise, and never eat it. I find it makes sandwiches and burgers too ‘sloppy’. Just me. 🙂
    I have no vote in your election, but I think the Democrats have already done a great job of managing to lose it before the vote, without any help from anyone else.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I usually use Miracle Whip. I love how you compare the choices when it comes to politics. I hope there are still people out there who are sincere to serve the people. Choose the best. Goodluck!


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