“Facts and Truth”

It had been quite a long time since I had been to live theater. For many years one of our children acted and sang professionally, so I was a regular attendee. But yesterday I went with a friend from the gym to see the play Lifespan of a Fact at Theaterworks in Hartford. My first visit to space impressed me. They had recently finished a major overhaul resulting in a welcoming first floor lounge and bar which complements the basement theater. (Climbing down to see the play was easier than climbing back up all those stairs! There was an elevator for those who needed it.)

I purposely avoided reading anything about the play before we went, preferring to be caught up by the dialogue and plot. This proved to be wise, since knowing too much about the play would have blunted my enjoyment. Only three actors exchange lengthy and witty conversations over the 80 minute, no intermission, play. Without giving away any details, the question comes down to fact checking and literary license in a sparring match of words.

While the play premiered on Broadway in 2018, it appears to be very popular in regional theaters such as my own. When it comes to your neck of the woods, I suggest you go see it. Timely without being didactic, the play held my interest and I was glad I was back in front of real actors using a well honed script. Quite a contrast to many political speeches I have had to endure recently!

12 thoughts on ““Facts and Truth”

  1. When I lived in London, we went to the theatre around six times a year. Sometimes to see friends act in plays, or to the big-hit musicals, like ‘Chicago’. It started to get terribly expensive, and hard to book seats for the most popular shows. Most sold out the run on the day tickets went on sale.
    Since moving to Norfolk, I have not been at al. There are theatres in Norwich, and other large towns, but their productions have not interested me.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Here while we live an easy distance from New York, we have yet to get affordable tickets. “Resellers”(a fancy name for legal scalpers) buy up lots of tickets and sell them for astonishing prices.

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