“Bye, Bye, Bernie?” “Hello Spring”


I went to college with some people who were so like Bernie Sanders that I sometimes have to remind myself that I don’t know him personally. I didn’t like their pontificating, rejoicing in Cuba, denouncing the “establishment,” and generally touting themselves as superior to the rest of us poor souls. Needless to say, I am not any more attracted to the 50 year later version running for President, shouting at me with that same zealous attitude. So I was quite relieved to find that across the United States many more people felt that way than I realized. Maybe I won’t have to decide between a socialist and the incumbent in November.

Then, already feeling a little more hopeful, I went outside and found this patch of crocus flowers in full display. (The little sticks are to help my husband find the bulbs later.) If you look around the purple, you will see a variety of brown. Brown has been the dominant color here for months since we had almost no snowfall. Brown trees, brown dirt, and brown dead plants have been the only landscaping here for a long time. The crocus emerging reminds me that there are in fact other colors in nature’s palette!

The sun is out. It is above freezing. The dog is shedding her winter coat. Things are looking up.

29 thoughts on ““Bye, Bye, Bernie?” “Hello Spring”

  1. Hi Liz. Having a socialist at the top of the ticket will be a repeat of George McGovern, who not only lost (carrying only one state) but decimated the down ticket House and Senate races. That is the fear of most Democrats. Bernie consistently polls maybe 35% of the Democratic vote. He has yet to poll 50% or more of Democrats in any state. The next two Tuesdays will tell the tale. Unfortunately there is no JFK to hang our hats on. Best regards from Florida (where I sense Joe will win)


  2. I fail to understand why so many Americans think Sanders is a Socialist. Socialists belive in state ownership of all manufacture and production, utilities, transport, healthcare, and media. Sanders is nothing like that. There are Socialists in Europe, but there haven’t been any in the US in my lifetime that I would regard to be one.
    So, don’t worry. Even in the unlikely (impossible almost) event that Bernie gets the nomination, and wins against Trump, you can sleep easy knowing that you have a millionaire (he is supposedly worth $2-3 million) in the White House, funded by Green business interests and wealthy liberals. 🙂 🙂
    It was a nice day at least. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. It seems that many others have adopted the same attitude, Elizabeth. I was glad to see Bloomberg drop out today because I would have been extremely disappointed if the choices were Trump vs. Bloomberg.


  4. Still thinking Warren can have a real influence going forward.
    Whatever she chooses to do will be fine by me.
    Clearly she is the best and strongest candidate in 2020.
    She is the candidate of a lifetime.
    Senate Majority Leader?
    What a phenomenal leader she is and what a path she has carved out.
    Thank you Elizabeth Warren.


  5. It is a shame Warren is no longer one of your options. You seem likely to be left with two elderly gentlemen. What could possibly go wrong with two old vulnerable people crossing America, pressing the flesh, from coast top coast in the midst of a viral pandemic ?? In any event, it seems likely that, with coronavirus, Trump’s luck has run out and he has played this very badly – his poor performance will surely lose him the Election. Perhaps a silver lining as I was starting to fear he’d get a second term.


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