“Thump, Thump, Thump”

Photo by tommy boudreau on Unsplash

My grandchildren live next door and the weather has warmed up just enough for spring training to begin. While they lack a hoop, they are undeterred in their efforts to perfect their basketball skills. Although they can’t practice shooting, they can endlessly dribble the ball and swoop in to take it from the others. There is a constant thump in my office which overlooks the driveway where they play.

The sound reminds me of the tennis ball hitting our garage door over and again as I tried to improve my swing. I liked the noise, but it had a way of getting on my mother’s nerves as I recall. The door was metal, and I imagine the sound was rather annoying.

It was just warm enough today for the first motorcycle rider to floor his machine on the two straight blocks of our street which lie between two stop signs. Spring approaches for sure when that happens. Fortunately the storm windows block some of the noise. It’s early yet for the lawn mowers and weed whackers, but their loud sounds are soon to arrive.

Winter has been very quiet, with the snow plows only passing after one storm and the snow blowers being tucked away into garages. Spring is signaling its arrival with its seasonal cacophony and I smile a little as my ears adjust.

27 thoughts on ““Thump, Thump, Thump”

  1. I heard someone who lives nearby mowing a lawn two days ago. He must hate grass, as he will ruin it after our recent weather. Our road is not really suited for speeding motorcyclists, but that doesn’t stop them trying. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Oh I forgot to mention the chain saws of the power company taking advantage of the mild weather to prune any tree that remotely threatens the power lines.


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