“Just For Today”


Years ago when we took a family trip on a cruise line every time we stepped into an elevator we were greeted with a rug embroidered with the day of the week. I echo my blog friend Maggie about having trouble knowing what day it is at the moment. I could use a set of those rugs to use in my house!

While the world is doing a reboot, to use computer terms, we are in that time illustrated on the Mac by a little whirling circle. Wait. Wait. Wait. And there isn’t even a helpful indicator that the reboot is 78% or whatever done. Nor is there a note that the process will be over in 4 hours and 6 minutes as my computer lets me know.

We are all in a period of unknowing. It did finally sink in to my psyche that there won’t be a quick return to normal. When I know how long updating my computer takes, I can schedule it accordingly. This virus gives us no such option. It’s here. We’re here. We get to deal with it.

Years ago I spent many hours in “these rooms,” the code phrase for recovery groups. They are big on slogans, most of which used to drive me nuts. “I am too sophisticated for such cliches” seemed to be my orientation. Mea culpa! The phrases that sustain me the most at the moment come from those meetings. “Just for today.” “One day at a time.” “This too shall pass.”

And as for attacks on our leader, I understand them. I voted for a different leader too. But to quote the old line, “you gotta dance with the one that brung you.” He’s who we have. May we at least stop looking to him for leadership. Harry Truman, President after Roosevelt, had a sign on his desk “The Buck Stops Here.” That sign is nowhere in sight at the moment, but seemingly is being  passing around as if we were all playing “Hot Potato.” We aren’t. This isn’t a blame game. We really are all in this together. One day at a time.



36 thoughts on ““Just For Today”

  1. My wife still has to go to work, so I note the days by whether or not she is out of the house. But that has been the same for me ever since I retired, and nothing new.
    My main change has been taking each day as it comes, with no forward planning. If I wake up without a high temperature or cough, then it’s a good day. I have stopped worrying about next week.
    Best wishes, and stay safe.

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  2. A lot of people are feeling disorientated at the moment, Elizabeth. I am still working so I know what day it is and the boys are still doing school work. We are all doing it from home rather than other places, that is the only difference for us right now. My parents live here so we still have company and some fun together, thank goodness.


  3. I like your description of how we are in limbo, not knowing, just like the little wheel spinning on our computer screen. We’re all in this together. Excellent post, Elizabeth. I need those day of the week rugs, or at least day of the week underwear. 😅


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