“Winter Meet Spring”


The weather in Connecticut this year has been very strange. Winter never really hit us with any intensity and now spring seems very reluctant to move in. I think that this photo I took this morning sums up the situation perfectly. In the foreground you see the blossoms on our sour cherry tree finally beginning to appear. But, lest you get your hopes up, notice the background of the photo. That silver image is of one of our snow shovels, the yellow stripes belong to its companion, another shovel. Today hail is forecast so we shouldn’t need the shovels, but two days ago we awoke to a layer of snow.

Unlike some of the governors to our south, our governor continues to put our continued health over a short term boost in the economy. He believes, and I agree, that too hasty a lifting of regulations will lead to a rebound of the illness. It has hit this part of the country especially hard, and no one wants to see the numbers quickly soar again. So we remain hunkered down, making it feel kind of like late winter but with more daylight.

A few more signs of the potential for spring will appear in my next posts. Mind you I said “potential.” I am not confident that winter has left us for good.

15 thoughts on ““Winter Meet Spring”

  1. Scared to jinx it, but we have been lucky so far. A mild winter in Beetley was followed by a relatively dry Spring, with many hours of blue skies. It is set to hit 74 degrees here by Thursday, so even if that drops again next week, I am not complaining. And I have been wearing my shorts for ten days now! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Glad to see you are finally getting some spring weather. I hope it sticks around for you! We’ve had an amazingly mild and rain-free April to date and reached temperatures into the 70’s last week. Today looks to be back to normal for here, cloudy with a chance of rain! 🙂


  3. I know there are plenty of people who feel the opposite, but how can we justify opening back up early when medical people are risking their lives each day to protect us?


  4. Nature here is saying ‘ha see!” With beautiful blue skies and pleasant temperatures in the late teens early twenties (that’s centigrade, natch!) Mind you a bit of rain would be good. Hope the snow leaves you for its holidays south of the border soon


  5. Good on your Govener Elizabeth!
    Our Premier here in Victoria has said it’s ‘carry on as we are’ for a couple more weeks.
    We might think this thing is going away but it’s more likely to turn around and bite you in the bum!

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  6. Your winter sounds like the winter I experienced in New Zealand last year when I visited my daughter. I was reading in the sun in her garden some mornings. I got back to the UK in time for our summer, and that was a bit of a damp squib too.
    Fortunately we seem to be getting a warm, but windy, spring this year, which is some compensation while we’re in lockdown. (No hint of easing up on lockdown over here.)


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