“Hopeful Signs”

It is still unseasonably cold around here, but I saw a couple of signs that the birds and plants still believe in warmer weather to come. The robins who built a nest last year under my office porch(old nest on left) have returned and built a new nest. It is positioned in a way that I can easily watch what is going on without bothering the robins. Clearly the robins are not in lockdown, but are happily going about producing more robins.

On the right our raspberry vines are starting to emerge from their winter bed. By the time summer is over (assuming it ever arrives!) the vines will fill out this whole patch by the garage and produce hundreds of berries. Perhaps they realize how difficult it has been to acquire produce around here and are getting ready to do their part.

I am having to reframe my approach to the covid-19 pandemic. One wise public health official said that the United States had been preparing its citizens for a sprint. He maintains that the more apt analogy is a marathon. Clearly marathons require stamina, perseverance and a level of commitment to stay the course. As an added challenge, we don’t know how long this course will be. And of course we didn’t choose to enter this particular marathon. But here I am and here we are, moving along an unknown path, doing the best we can. For the long haul.


27 thoughts on ““Hopeful Signs”

  1. Yes, spring is coming and I trust you will eventually enjoy consistently warm weather! Thankfully seasons change and life goes on. But I think you’re right – the pandemic season may be longer than we originally thought. I hope those leading our communities (notice I said communities – I lost hope in the top) make the best decisions for deciding when and how to gradually reopen the economy and release us from our homes.


  2. A marathon it will be, I think, and I am hoping our politicians will make sensible decisions to ensure the likelihood of the best outcome.,.


  3. “We didn’t choose to enter this marathon, we are on an unknown path, and we’re doing the best we can.” Wise words, Elizabeth. You speak to the core of how it is. Birds know this well. We are learning.


  4. I like the marathon vs. sprint analogy. What is remarkable is how in just a short time nature has given us signs that the air and water are cleaner.


  5. Hi Elizabeth, I think we are all mentally adjusting to the realisation that this is not a short term thing. Our infection rate is slowly rising despite the lock down and we are expecting our deaths and infections to peak in August/September. That is still along time away. Stay safe and keep yourself busy as you are doing. It is the only way forward.


  6. e have already put a short holiday in Wales on hold, and that was booked for September. I don’t expect very much to change for the remainder of 2020.
    We have the opposite weather here, an early summer. I was bitten on the head by a horsefly on Tuesday, and I don’t usually see those until high summer.
    (And it really hurt! Like being shot with a pellet gun!)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  7. Yes, all the other species on the planet are enjoying or anticipating the arrival of spring. I saw a photo on Facebook that included these words that ring so true right now: “You are not necessary. The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests, not my masters.


    Planet Earth


  8. “It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

    There are always hopeful signs even though this likes like being a long haul. When we have a vaccine is when we can relax a bit. But meantime, this is – as you point out – all the signs of Spring cold and damp though it is. And …raspberries!


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