“Birthday Party–Virtually”


The neighbor’s daughter had her 13th birthday Thursday in the middle of the virus epidemic. A big birthday with a potential big disappointment. But her mother arranged for a virtual party, and according to the reports it was a big hit.

Helium balloons were delivered to the house and placed behind the computer chair. Then the surprise Zoom party began as six of her friends signed on. They each had received a party game and treats sent ahead to each home. Then an acting teacher came on and led them in 30 minutes of improvisation.

Since the girl’s father works in Manhattan as an essential worker, she has been out of physical contact with any of her friends for six weeks now. And it is unclear when they will be able to get together again. As you may remember from your own adolescence, being quarantined with your parents is no one’s idea of a fun time!

Still I was impressed with what was possible with a little creativity and a lot of preparation. Well done to you Mom.

25 thoughts on ““Birthday Party–Virtually”

  1. I have seen some ‘drive-by’ parties on other American blogs. That and the ‘virtual party’ are great ideas to make the kids feel special, when they can’t get out to celebrate with friends.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. When you are thirteen, it’s all about friends. I think most teens are going through major withdrawals these days.


  3. That mom thought of a great idea 🙂 it really warmed my heart.
    We are finding new ways to bring joy to our lives even though we’re struggling and that is a great thing to see!


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