“Home Gym?”


The photo on the left shows my a screen shot of one of the trainers at my gym demonstrating an exercise. In the background you can see a variety of equipment there, including medicine balls, kettle bells, weights, mats and foam rollers. Not shown are a variety of pulley and weight pieces of equipment which can be easily adjusted for any given exercise.

On the right is a photo of the set of resistance bands I am using at home to approximate the exercises from the gym. None of them are weights. It has been impossible to buy weights, kettle bells or other assorted equipment for weeks. I guess that the people who bought all that flour and yeast for baking realized that they were losing muscles and gaining fat! They rushed out to buy fitness devices. The bands are not easily adjusted. They are looped through the object that looks like a roller on a strap which has been shut in a door to hold the bands steady. To change the exercise I have to open the door, move the roller to the right location, close the door and reattach the straps.

It will be a long time before I am able to return to my gym. Social distancing isn’t possible and much of the equipment would be difficult to keep germ free. I imagine my age group will be excluded for the longest time of any.

I am grateful that I was able to buy the resistance band set. I am grateful that I have a door to use with them. But in a contest between the gym and working out a home, the gym wins hands down!

17 thoughts on ““Home Gym?”

  1. I am in full agreement, Elizabeth. I get a vigorous workout at the gym, but home has been a different story. I walk every day, but I’ve gained a few pounds back since the virus. This week I resorted to dragging out an old DVD from a decade ago. Those exercises were tough before, and now I can’t keep up because my stamina is not there. I’m hoping week two goes better.


  2. I’m with you on preferring the gym. We had some weights here and when I saw the way things were going (well before the gym closed) I bought bands similar to yours. I didn’t want to use the door inside so we rigged up a way to use them on the deck……too complicated to explain…..but it serves a purpose.
    I discovered some old time aerobics videos on YouTube which I ‘use’ sometimes……it’s difficult on carpet and we really don’t have enough room. But as they say, any things better than nothing 😊


  3. I think the action of getting up and going somewhere for a specific purpose is, in itself, inspiring, Elizabeth. I am finding working at home has resulted in there being few boundaries with work. It has spread itself out over everything in my life. I now know why we have gyms, churches, shopping centres, restaurants and offices – it is just not the same at home.


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