“Under Construction”


While my gym has reopened, it is in a very limited manner with everyone wearing masks, maintaining social distances, wiping equipment regularly and doing other safety measures. I finally acknowledged to myself that I would not be going back to the gym for a long time, if ever. Faced with a choice of continuing to work out in my office or stopping altogether, I came up with a third choice. We have a large area in our basement which is carpeted and basically empty. I decided to build my own home gym.

Buying exercise equipment during the pandemic has been challenging since every gym user stuck at home was doing the same. But eventually everything has arrived and is ready to be set up. I thought I would share a photo of all the items in the heap on the floor where they presently rest. I hope that by tomorrow or Monday I will have a working gym to photograph.

I will continue to work with my personal trainer, receiving new workouts every four to six weeks as I have done in the past. He can check out my form by viewing any videos Charlie takes of me doing the exercises I am new to. Eventually he may be able to do live sessions over the computer. I would enjoy seeing him and interacting in a way text messaging and phone calls don’t allow.

I didn’t buy any fancy machines. My goal is to maintain functional fitness for everyday life. Weights, resistance bands, and a step will ensure that I can do just that.


40 thoughts on ““Under Construction”

  1. Your home gym sounds great — very practical. I now have a StretchRite thingy and a resistance band, thanks to my Denmark daughter. She had to keep exercising while gyms were closed, and she has shared her finds with me.

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  2. I envy your dedication to exercise and working out. What motivated you?

    My husband is faithful to his workout program but it hasn’t rubbed off on me. In addition to walking and going to the gym – still closed here I believe – he has good equipment in our basement. He’s willing to teach me how to use the total gym, and I already know how to use the elliptical. But do I? Nope. At least we get out and walk and I guess for me that will have to do for now.


    1. I was having trouble getting up and down, from the floor or from a chair. I was appalled and didn’t want to go down that slippery slope. I also had everyone carry my things like groceries and suitcases. My strength disappeared gradually and I didn’t like it. My doctor also recommended weight work for bone health.

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  3. I have never been a gym person. Not for the lack of trying though. With my physical limitations I just try to do what I can. I have had more energy of late, and I am doing more as a result. I can work in my garden and work up a sweat very easily. I need more aerobic time though. Good for you for finding a safe way to keep fit.


  4. I cannot imagine trying to do a gym circuit workout wearing a mask. You definitely have the best plan, Elizabeth. Well done for staying inspired.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  5. My gym reopens tomorrow. I thought that I would go back when it finally reopened, but I just can’t in good conscience do that. After gaining six pounds in the first two weeks of the stay at home order, I have worked steadily in the past ten weeks to lose those pounds. I’m finally back to pre-COVID weight. It goes on so much easier than it comes off.


  6. Great idea, Elizabeth, I admire your motivation and practical resolve not to let the virus disrupt your gym work. I’ll look forward to seeing the home gym. Good luck with putting everything together!

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  7. Hi Elizabeth, I must admit that I would not risk a gym either. I actually haven’t been to a gym for 17 years now. I picked up ringworm from one of the pieces of equipment and it put me off completely and forever. Great that you can exercise from home.

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  8. I really miss going to the gym. Early in quarantine I bought stuff on eBay and have been pretty faithful about working gout on my own at home. There are a great many online resources and to be honest other than lifting heavy (which I love) I can replicate a lot of what I did in the gym with some creativity. Good luck!!

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    1. Thanks. Several of my gym pals started a book group so at least I get to see them. Did you need a spotter for those heavy lifts? That would be a problem.


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