“I’m Ba-a-a-ck”


I finally have my new computer up and running and have managed to load all my old data from the Time Machine Apple calls it external hard drive. Though I was dubious, everything did transfer seamlessly over to the new hard drive. Thankfully I learned many computer catastrophes ago to always back up everything.

I am a little challenged about how to reenter the blogging sphere. I have missed reading friends for ten days and I know I can’t catch up both reading and commenting. I will try to ease my way back to connection and hope to respond at least to comments I received while I was incommunicado.

I really missed the interactions with friends around the world that I had become accustomed to over the last four years. I realized that the main reason I hadn’t felt isolated during Covid was that I was connected to people every day. Without that over the last week I found I was feeling as lonely as many others report these days.

Thank you for all your writing and responding. You make a real difference in my life.

46 thoughts on ““I’m Ba-a-a-ck”

  1. Welcome back, Elizabeth! I can quite understand the isolation – I have very much relied on video calls with friends, and all my blogging contacts to keep me sane at this time


  2. yes Welcome Back – and yes this communication tool for us needing to read about friends doings, is VIP right now. Even if we get behind with reading, it’s always there when we need it. Sometimes, it a new thought that allows one to consider something else…be it good/bad/indifferent to our own thinking. But also what someone else is doing right now within their personal sphere. ..


  3. Good to hear your new computer is sorted, and you are back with us. You are missed you know!
    It doesn’t seem quite the same without you being around.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Lovely to have you back Elizabeth! You were missed! I agree it is such a delightful global community, the blogging community really is a great source of connection & encouragement! 😀
    Bless you,


  5. Blogging breaks can be helpful (even if they are unplanned computer issues), but coming back and trying to figure out how much you can respond to from that time is an issue. Glad to have your back, Elizabeth.


    1. Thanks so much Pete. I look forward to hearing what is up in Northern California, particularly what the schools are going to do. I know you are retired but figure you are staying informed.


      1. I not only missed you, I was struggling with you. I can’t remember how many new computers I’ve set up — John’s, some for the accounting firm where I worked for 23 years, and my own. I put it off as long as possible.


  6. Good to have you back, Elizabeth 😊 As you may realise, I drop in and out of blogging regularly – not from choice – and I understand how you feel as you come back. In some repsects, absence for extended periods is easier to deal with as there’s no possibility of catching up. It’s the shorter periods I find more awkward because I want to read everything that I’ve missed and that can be quite overwhelming. I know you will find your way through and learn what works for you. It always surprises me that whatever the circumstances, and however long it is that I’ve been gone, very quickly it feels like I’ve never been away. Hopefully you will feel that too 😊


    1. I can’t believe how much I have adjusted already. Now once again I ponder my post all morning and write it in the afternoon. It really does help organize my thoughts. I am glad to know I am not alone with the urge to catch up after short times away.

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  7. I am glad to see you back on-line, Elizabeth. I wasn’t around much last week either as I tried to take a break from work. I wasn’t very successful and it ended up making my a bit stressed out and feeling overwhelmed trying to meet the promises I made to my family during this time and get work done.


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