“Getting Help”

I am truly grateful for all the advice and tips and commiseration I have received about transitioning to the new editor. I have been exploring these choices and attempting to continue to use the classic editor and also transition over. In my explorations of Gutenberg, I have found some formatting choices which will be beneficial to including poetry. Otherwise, I have found that I don’t take easily to the change.

Above, my cousin Susan, like so many of you, is patiently trying to explain how to “cook” on the toy stove. While I appreciate her patience, as I appreciate yours, I seem to look pretty skeptical. That is about how I look right now!

31 thoughts on ““Getting Help”

  1. I’ve been using the block editor for the past few months. It took a few posts to get comfortable with it and so far I’m only using two blocks – one for my narratives (Paragraph) and other for my photos (Image.) The feature I like the best is the ability to move blocks up and down, most often my pictures when I decide they’d be better in another spot. Otherwise I don’t notice much difference or benefit to using the new editor.


  2. I realised yesterday that I have never logged off of the editor or WordPress site since using my new PC. Windows 10 allows me to leave a ‘shortcut’ to WordPress, and I just click on it, already logged in. I conclude that this must be th reason why I have ‘escaped’ Gutenberg so far.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Love your old photos! I’ve kept life as simple as possible with the blocks. I figure if I learn one or two things per week, I’ll be okay.


  4. My feeling exactly. Although I am grumpier about it.
    Wish they would just let us continue on in our happy backward ways.
    Very annoying.
    But LOVED that photo though. Perfect.


  5. FYI I am still able to use the Classic Editor. I ran into problems – my theme choice was not responsive. Got rid of said theme and am using Classic. What I am not certain about is whether adding the Classic plug-in helped or not. (I guess I could go and find out – but am tired of all the hassle.)


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