“International Book Group”

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of joining a Google virtual book group with attendees from Canada and India. The four of us talked about all the various books we were reading. At the end of the visit, we mentioned titles we had heard from others that sounded interesting. For instance, I was intrigued by the book The Library at Night and requested it from my local library on Monday.

The three other participants were writers I had met while blogging. I was uncertain how it would be to meet people I had only read. How much are the voices in our writing a reflection of our whole selves? I had been fooled by the glossy portrayals of lives on Facebook and the discrepancies between the image and the reality. Was the same going to be true talking with blog writers? To my relief and joy, I felt that I already knew each person, having read their writing on line. Seeing and hearing from them merely reinforced my deep appreciation for the connections blogging makes possible.

The organizer of the group is always looking for others to participate. You can leave a request in my comments and I will share it with him.

24 thoughts on ““International Book Group”

  1. When I visited my daughter in New Zealand I met up with a blogger I had recently followed online, but the only other bloggers I have met are those in my writing group. I had a plan to enrol on a writing retreat this year, but that fell by the wayside rather after lockdown.


      1. I’m barely keeping up with the one I’m in – the Whittlesea Wordsmiths – and a couple of challenge websites I follow (12 poems in 12 months on Deadlines for Writers and Chris Fielden’s Authors of the flash fiction Challenges). I signed up for a virtual writing festival over three months this summer, but most of the seminars I’ve had to pick up later as recordings (I must tune in live to the Neil Gaiman one in September though)
        Along with clearing a shed to dismantle and stipping a front garden, I haven’t found time to post on my own blog lately. I’m working on putting another story up there – it saves me having to think about what to post until Christmas.


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