“Band On The Run”

Exercise bands!

When I was in grade school one of our favorite jokes ran along the lines of “When they handed out noses, I thought they said roses, And I ordered a big red one.” This came to mind when I read the comments responding to my post about leaving no trace. I realized I had caused the confusion by not posting the picture of the bands in the gym that I was discussing.

I actually loved the idea that several readers took from that post that I had music bands on the wall. That would actually be a much better idea. I could hang all the old devices for playing music there from my first transistor radio, through my cassette player, my phonograph, and on to my Ipod. The cacophony might drown out my groans as I work out!

Then when I was working the crossword puzzle this morning, I entered the word “ajar.” That took me back to fourth grade participating in a synonym activity. We lined up against the wall; she said a word and asked for a synonym. (I guess our teacher really was tired of our wriggling in our seats!) When she said “ajar,” I responded “a bottle.” While this provoked laughter, it sent me back to my seat.

So I certainly understand word confusion.”When they handed out brains, I thought they said trains, And I missed mine.”

16 thoughts on ““Band On The Run”

  1. You didn’t miss your train. You got on the pun train to delight those of us who like puns. I think the teacher should have given you extra points for thinking out of the box. Maybe that phrase wasn’t popular then. Anyway, listen closely. I’m applauding!

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  2. Ajar and bottle—make sense to me. 😎 When students came up with that kind of sharp thinking, I applauded their wordplay.


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