“Sweet Home Alabama”

Gulf Shores Alabama Pier Being Pummeled

This seems to be the week that both my husband Charlie’s and my childhood stomping grounds have been hard hit by “natural” disasters. I have written about the forest fires in Oregon destroying many of the places I camped, hiked, fished and vacationed in. This morning Hurricane Sally made landfall at Gulf Shores, Alabama before moving onshore to Mobile, Alabama.

My husband grew up in Mobile and spent many summers at a beach house at Gulf Shores before it became built up with countless condominiums. He jokingly called it “redneck Riviera,” a name only allowable to one who went there. He taught himself to surf and knew each inch of the shore. In the mid 1960’s that house was destroyed by a hurricane and his family never rebuilt.

Today he was glued to the Weather Channel and on-line pictures of the water damage. He knew each little town they mentioned and laughed when one of the commentators said “you probably aren’t familiar with Daphne, Alabama.” “No kidding,” he quipped.

So far this season we have suffered through a tornado warning and tropical storm in Connecticut, watched Oregon burn and Gulf Shores flood. They say there are five more storms developing in the Atlantic and that we are running out of names for them. Combined with covid, this year has delivered far too many unpleasant surprises. I just reviewed the ten plagues in Exodus. Apparently we can still look forward to hail and lightning, if not frogs!

32 thoughts on ““Sweet Home Alabama”

  1. It never rains built pours! Honestly this year it’s been a case of ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’.
    So many happenings all following one after the other- both here in Australia and around the world- you have to wonder if someone’s out to get us
    Take care Elizabeth – stay safe!


        1. It rains A LOT in Georgia. At one point, this year, it was raining every day for several months. Funny enough, I think we had a so-called drought last year and it rained a lot then too.


  2. It indeed has been a year of disasters Elizabeth. We see the newscasts of your fires & our firestorm experience earlier this year, here in Australia comes flooding back. Praying for those who are in the danger zones…
    Bless you,


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