“Last But Not Least”

Fall here means a winding down for many plants. As you can see, the zinnias on the right have become quite rusty and many of their seeds have been eaten by birds. Scattered on the ground to the left and sprinkled among the asters are the first leaves fallen from the cherry tree. The lush purple asters themselves have seemingly waited for just this moment to begin to open. All arrive on their own timetable in the garden.

I was reminiscing with my grandchildren the other night over my grandson’s outdoor birthday dinner. They wanted to know when I stopped growing, an issue much on the mind of the 11 year old. A more apt question might have been when did I start growing. I was a very very late bloomer, much like the aster plant. I entered high school at 4’10”, a good half foot shorter than most of my peers. I didn’t hit my adult height of 5’4″ until I was 17. Another case of last but not least.

The original aster plant was a free offer from a televangelist. I didn’t follow the man, but I did accept the plant. It has thrived as his empire has collapsed. I imagine there is a metaphor there. I hope so.

19 thoughts on ““Last But Not Least”

  1. I learn so much from watching my flower garden. Flowers are like the children in my preschool class; some grow early and others bloom late, some are big and strong and others are delicate. They all need the same thing, love and sun and water. Every year they change.


  2. I suspect that the aster lasted a lot longer than the televangelist. Yes, one could draw some interesting metaphors there.


  3. When I started my daily walks all the spring time flowers had disappeared and the greenery told me little – but bit by bit over the last 6 months and particularly in the last month, first those tell tale green shoots and then heads started appearing. Sometimes coming through small gaps in a fence…other times gathering together to provide some nice little flowers here and there…Many of the council verges have not been mowed during this time period and little things have come up…some quite small, so they are hard to see…


  4. My garden is just a mess of tree debris. Heavy rainstorms and gale force winds have brought down twigs, small branches, leaves, and acorns from the two Oaks. It is still too wet out to clear it up, and will have to wait until I shake off the flu.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I have brown thumb and will kill all your plants if you ever let me near them, no matter what time of year it is. I’m giving you fair warning. 😭

    I was an early bloomer when it came to height. I was always tall for a child, especially for a girl. There were very few boys my height or taller. I spent high school at an all-Girls’ Catholic school and wasn’t too fond of boys, so I’m not sure how I measured up at that point.

    By the time I started college though, I think a lot of boys caught up. 😂 I’m now 5″9.


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