“A Glamorous Headshot”

Claudine LeDuc in her early 40’s

It seemed only fair that, having shown my grandmother in her later years(albeit next to Cary Grant), I share a photo taken twenty years earlier. I never knew my grandmother then, but only met her when she was in her early 70’s. She hadn’t aged particularly well. But finding this photo among the papers I recently unearthed I finally understood that this is undoubtedly how she saw herself.

Don’t many of us carry an image of ourselves from a much earlier age? Aren’t many of us a little startled to see the actual face looking back at us from the mirror some mornings?

35 thoughts on ““A Glamorous Headshot”

  1. Beautiful woman ..it’s not so much the image in the morning but when you accidentally see yourself in a mirror while shopping thinking who is that woman πŸ˜„


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