When I was in the seventh grade I won a dance contest in the seventh grade/eighth grade couple event. I have no idea why Ralph asked me to dance, nor did I know that he could move on the floor, but he did and we did! I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for that song. I was thrilled to find a video of it, along with a photo of the singer.

I was contemplating how often timing is the missing factor in so much of our lives. We have great ideas and plans, but the timing may be off. I remember back to 1980. I was tired of being a broke single mom and a man proposed not only marriage but a house, a 1969 Chevy convertible and a good income to boot. I accepted. But deep in my gut I knew I was making a mistake, and I called off the wedding.

The right timing didn’t arrive until another six years of being a broke single mom. By then the man who is now my husband was available. He had no house, a broken down Toyota and an income after child support not much bigger than mine. And two and a half years later we married. It was the right man and the right time, and many years later we now have a house, two decent cars and a reasonable income. “All in good time” is a phrase much bandied about, but it can be true.

“Fools rush in,” as I nearly did in 1980. I like to remember that “good things come to those who wait.”

30 thoughts on ““Timing”

  1. Winning orator and now dancer. Who knew? I love how you are slowly rolling out all your hidden talents and achievements from days gone by. And I agree that timing is everything especially finding your soul mate as I was also lucky to do.

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  2. Making a mistake with marriage is one of the worst possible, in my opinion, Elizabeth. Marrying the wrong man can really heavily impact on your life, its worse if you have a child together as you never really get rid of them. You did the right thing.


  3. Unlike you, I did make a mistake in a similar situation. It cost me a lot of money, much stress, and a lot of time to come out the other side of that.
    I remember the song well, and ‘Fools Rush In’ too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Timing is everything.I so agree.By the way, I remember that song.I played it on the you tube link you provided.Thanks


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