“Fish Tales 3”

I think it curious that my parents kept taking pictures of me holding or staring at fish! Anyway, here is another one a couple of years later at Detroit Lake, a newly opened campground in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. The Santiam River was dammed, creating this large lake in 1953. I would guess we camped there for the first time in 1954 when it was still pretty undeveloped. In high school I water skied here with friends and eventually it was fully built out for RV’s. This past fall the whole area was destroyed by forest fires.

These trout certainly show the skill of my father fishing from the little boat in the far distance of the picture. He drove the boat very slowly dragging a line behind him, trawling for fish. I was less impressed by this method since it lacked the artistry of the fly cast I had come to admire.

As for me, I am in a red wool bathing suit with little golf ball buttons. All these years later I can recall how I hated this bathing suit. Not only did it itch, it also sagged. It is no wonder that even this good haul has failed to produce my smile.

34 thoughts on ““Fish Tales 3”

  1. Oh come now, you are cute as a button! My boyfriend’s family started the Oregon Forestry Department way back. The Elliot State Forest is named after his Great-great grandfather I believe. He has a ton of Oregon history and tales. I have never been but hope to get there some day.


  2. I also had home-knitted wool swimming clothes as a youngster. Nothing worse than itchy, wet wool, soaked with seawater. Yet another reason why I never learned to swim.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. I’ve been to Detroit Lake, Elizabeth. Our son went to school near there at Willamette University in Salem. What self-respecting fisherman doesn’t take photos of people holding up fish?


    1. My colleague taught at Willamette. In fact, Willamette just took over my old college, Pacific Northwest College of Art. As for the self-respecting fisherman, he always seemed to nominate me to hold the fish.


  4. A wool knit bathing suit? How awful. Fishing must have been a big part of camping for your parents, thus all the fish photos. The first time I was in the Cascade mountains I felt like I was three years old. They’re majestic, far bigger than anything on the east coast.


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