“Fish Tales 5”

Barview Jetty, Garibaldi, Oregon

In my 20’s I also learned another fishing technique, casting for ocean fish off the rocky breakwater shown above.(not one of my photos.) This style required new skills, not least of them walking out over large rocks, often still slippery from earlier tides. The gear was similar to lake fishing, with a stronger line, a heavy metal weight, and sand shrimp as bait instead of worms. The fish, coming as they did from deep in the Pacific Ocean, looked prehistoric to me, including varieties of rockfish.

Key to fishing off these jetties was an awareness of tides. We had grown up near enough to the ocean that an understanding of tides was seemingly wired into our brains, so we recognized both the going out and the coming in of tides. The trick was to arrive as the tide was leaving and to pack up before the tide threatened our ability to walk back across the jetty to dry land. Little crosses on the jetty mark where some reckless fishermen neglected the incoming tide in their quest for the perfect haul.

Bringing the fish in out of the ocean was a true challenge. The lead weight sometimes convinced me that I had caught a fish, as had the times the line was caught up in rocks. I also wasn’t really skilled at staying balanced on rocks while reeling in a large ugly fish. I usually turned that task over to my fishing partner.

Truthfully my favorite part of fishing on the Oregon coast was lunch after we were done. We drove into town for, you guessed it, fish and chips.

19 thoughts on ““Fish Tales 5”

  1. I have watched people sea fish off the coast here. No rocks though, just a flat beach. You have to make sure not to be too close to them, as the hooks are vicious. People often get them stuck in their feet when they have been discarded by the fishermen for some reason.
    I find it easier to just got straight to the restaurant, cutting out the other stuff beforehand. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. There are two jetties near us as we are close to the ocean. Every year or two, someone gets washed off the rocks into the ocean—scary stuff.


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