“Room With A View”

Two winters had passed with little or no snowfall. People began to talk as if New England was the new mid-Atlantic with a milder climate. Fortunately, for those of us who like New England, the snow delivered overnight, dumping 12 inches in our neighborhood. The little window thermometer reads just over 20 F degrees, but it is next to the kitchen window so is a little warmer than the real outside reading. Thanks to their overhangs, the three feeders in the picture continue to feed the visiting birds.

We have one neighbor who always likes to be the first on the street to clear a path. This morning I looked out and saw that there was a path clearing half of the sidewalk next door. He and my husband take care of that widow’s walks and driveways, so I knew he had been out. My husband commented that the man has a “little snowblower,” hence the half done job. At my encouragement, my spouse had purchased the Cadillac of snow equipment–a much larger machine. In the middle of a pandemic you take your bragging rights where you can!

If we can’t celebrate in any normal way this Christmas, at least we have snow. We can truly say “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” around here.

36 thoughts on ““Room With A View”

      1. The birds abandoned our feeder. I found out why when I picked it up. All the seeds were frozen! I thawed them inside, put them on the ground for the squirrels, and put new seed out. Within half an hour, there was lots of traffic again. It’s usually a chickadee that comes first.


  1. I don’t envy your snow, even as white and pretty as it looks. If we had that much here, the area would be completely shut down. I can’t recall the last time we had a ‘White Christmas’, but I’m not sorry about that.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. “Two winters had passed with little or no snowfall. People began to talk as if New England was the new mid-Atlantic….”
    Been plenty of snow these past two winters where I am in the mid-Hudson valley/


        1. Absolutely, before the recent rain there were quite a few bushfires burning in our state again. Although had not got to the intensity of last Summer’s fires. So we are very thankful for the rain & cooler weather. 😀


  3. The Cadillac of snow equipment… he’s probably thrilled to have an opportunity to use it. I’ve owned a riding lawn mower for the last twenty years, and I still like to cut the grass. We boys like our toys.


  4. Love the “room with a view” and that the birds are still able to access the feeders… of course “no snow here” – if there was the more trendy 25th of a bbq at the beach would be hard pressed to be indoors and having to put the heating back on…(Catherine in Auckland, NZ)


  5. I’ve only ever experienced a white Christmas twice in my life, Elizabeth, and both experiences were abroad. We always have very hot weather here at Christmas time. I’m glad you like the snow and you have it in time for Christmas.


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